Our Mission

Life Science Cares Philadelphia is a collective effort of the Life Science industry to reduce the impact of poverty on our neighbors in the greater Philadelphia area. Through uniting the human and financial resources of Life Science companies and industry leaders, we support service organizations that do the best work in fighting poverty in our communities. Started in Boston in 2017, Life Science Cares expanded to Philadelphia in December 2019. 

Our mission is to improve lives of our neighbors impacted by poverty by providing human and financial resources to the most efficient and effective service organizations in greater Philadelphia that work in three areas:




Poverty: The Need in Philadelphia


Philadelphia is the poorest large city in America with a poverty rate that has hovered around 25% for the past five years. In 2017, over 375,000 residents of Philadelphia lived below the poverty line. In addition, one in five Philadelphians suffer from food insecurity. 

We believe that Philadelphia's life science community, working together with government, philanthropic organizations, civic leaders, educational institutions, other corporate leaders and most importantly, our non-profit partners, can work together to reduce the impact of poverty in our region. 

Voluteers at Life Science Caress Philadelphia
Volunteers at Life Science Cares Philadelphia

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Part of the Solution: Our Life Science Community


Philadelphia's life science community is both established and growing. We are a diverse group including biotechnology, medical device, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, research, and investment entities, along with myriad service providers who support the industry. 

We have shown that, with sustained commitment and collaboration, we can solve humanity’s most difficult healthcare challenges -- and we believe that by uniting our efforts with others, we can achieve our goal of reducing the impact of poverty on our neighbors.