Our Partners Are Responding To The COVID-19 Crisis And Need Our Help

Our financial support will help our Partners and the communities they serve in this time of need. If your situation allows, consider making a donation to Life Science Cares today.

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It is impossible to "shelter at home" when you have no home to go to


  • In "normal" times, over 3,000 Philadelphians use BSM's address as a critical connection point, including to receive their benefit checks

  • Need to expand services as an increasing number of people are impacted by the economic downturn resulting from business closings

    • Recently more than half a million Pennsylvanians filed for unemployment in one week

    • Expect that the impact of this crisis will linger for many months ahead

  • Maintaining personal hygiene for guests is a difficult challenge as more and more of Philadelphia shuts down

  • Demand for Personal Care service (distribute basic personal hygiene items such as soap, socks, underwear, toothbrushes/paste, feminine hygiene needs, and adult diapers) is skyrocketing - more than double the annual average

  • Incredible shortage of the right materials and equipment:

    • facemasks to protect staff

    • supplies needed to conduct deep cleaning at least twice a day 

    • hand sanitizer and disinfectants

    • toilet paper


Changes to Operations

  • Broad Street Ministry is committed to staying open throughout the crisis

  • Focusing on guests' most immediate needs: meals, mail and personal hygiene

    • handwashing stations installed both outside and inside BSM 

    • have also begun placing such handwashing stations in other locations in Philadelphia where homeless populations congregate

    • keeping BSM bathrooms open has been critical   

  • Meals are now "to go" so that guests spend a very limited time in the building

  • Cancelled many other services for now: clothing, therapeutic art, on-site case management, external service partners 

  • Stopped bringing volunteers into the space and are relying on staff only

  • Overnight Winter Cafe remains open and is serving approximately 60 individuals per night 

    • typically would have closed the Cafe by now 

  • Service model continues to evolve daily based on conversations with the Philadelphia Office of Homeless Service and the Department of Public Health

  • Major fundraiser cancelled resulting in lost revenue   

  • Many individual donors are rethinking their charitable gifts as a result of economic downturn

Organizational Needs

  • Many unexpected new costs to meet increased demands and changes to operations

    • "To go" containers for lunches 

    • PPE

    • Personal care items

    • Deep cleaning supplies, sanitizer and disinfectants


When we consider the dire needs of people in the community, we rejoice over the privilege

to be able to provide them with foods as they go through this period of crisis


  • School closures, lost wages, and increasingly limited access to food resources are all coming together to push many at-risk families deeper into food insecurity 

  • Estimated that food insecurity will rise 46% nationwide as a result of this crisis

  • Pennsylvania and the communities we serve have been among the most vulnerable

  • Number of people filing for unemployment claims in PA during the first week of coronavirus shutdowns was over twice that of any other state

Changes to Operations

  • The City of Philadelphia has identified Philabundance as an essential service

  • Working with the City and the Share Food Program to supply key strategic sites, including schools, recreation centers, and agency partners, that serve as food distribution hubs 

  • > 20 additional distribution sites across Philadelphia every Monday and Thursday

  • Purchasing, assembling and distributing emergency meal boxes that can be distributed "grab-and-go" style to maintain social distancing

  • Hiring temporary transportation and warehouse staff to meet increased demand at a time when volunteers are not available

  • Purchasing produce, sanitation supplies, and containers and packing materials

  • Actively working with our 350-member agency network to manage delivery times and ensure that we are meeting the increased demand for food and cleaning supplies in our most vulnerable communities


Organizational Needs

  • Over the next three months, anticipate spending almost $1 million dollars on COVID-19 response in Philadelphia County alone, and over $500,000 on work in the surrounding counties 

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Committed to being a steady and dependable resource for families in our community


  • Receiving urgent requests from food pantries, homeless shelters, and other partner agencies for:

    • diapers 

    • hygiene products

    • school supplies

    • and other essentials for local children

  • Diapers alone cost up to $80 per month for one child, and for a family already pushed to the limits, these basic necessities are even more unaffordable due to the current crisis

Changes to Operations

  • Physically closed and no volunteers

  • Unable to accept donated goods due to the challenge of trying to sanitize a gently-used product stream

Organizational Needs

  • Need to purchase 750,000 diapers and bulk hygiene items such as soap, shampoo, etc.


"I haven’t come this far to only come this far"


  • Young adults participating in the program often continue to hold part time jobs to cover their costs of living

  • Many of these part time jobs have disappeared or suffered reduction in hours

  • Economic downturn will make finding jobs hard for participants 

Changes to operations

  • Moved all staff to virtual operations

  • Delivering training, coaching and social support virtually to students

  • Interns working from home

  • Incurred significant expenses for laptops, wi-fi devices to enable remote operations

  • Have set aside funding to support students with financial hardship

Organizational Needs

  • Financial support to students as they experience significant hardship