Home of the Sparrow

Organizational mission statement (50 words or less): 

Home of the Sparrow’s mission is to partner with women facing homelessness to secure housing, achieve long-term stability, and chart new paths for their futures.

Brief description of organization (include key programs and recent achievements, 100 words or less):

Home of the Sparrow works to prevent women, single mothers and children from ever experiencing the trauma of homelessness through integrated case management and payments directly to landlords to get delinquent rent paid to avoid eviction, assist with security deposits, and subsidize rent payments so a woman can focus on obtaining skills to secure a higher paying job. We teach women how to reduce expenses and budget to achieve independence. Program Coordinators use a trauma-informed approach, built on trust and respect to help women identify and address the intersecting issues that are obstacles to independence.


Population served (25 words or less):

Women and children in Chester County are who experiencing housing instability, even homelessness.


Geographic area(s) served: 

Chester County, Pennsylvania

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Please outline existing volunteer opportunities or programs & initiatives that harness human capital including any current virtual volunteer events:

Event Support (we have two major fundraisers a year), Skills-Based Volunteering, Office Assistance,  Home Maintenance (we have two houses and we sometimes provide assistance to those involved in our shared housing program), Preparing Family-Style Frozen Meals (needed year-round to stretch the limited grocery budgets of our families),  Hosting a Giving Drive (we ask our friends to collect items that are not covered by food benefits such as paper goods, cleaning products, diapers and feminine hygiene products), Host a Fundraiser (individuals and companies will select HOS to be the beneficiary of an event/birthday/celebration), Adopt a Family (around the holidays to help ensure that all of our children receive presents).


Please outline proposed or potential future volunteer opportunities or programs & initiatives that harness human capital including any planned virtual volunteer events:  

We are delighted that you asked because there is a very large project that will need to be tackled in the next few years – that of rehabbing one of our houses that serves our older women. “Winsmore,” located in West Chester, can house up to five women at a time. The home provides communal living, meaning each woman has a private bedroom but bathrooms, the kitchen and living areas are shared. Of great benefit to the women is a small, on-site parking lot providing easy and safe access to the house. If you are familiar with South Walnut Street, you know how rare it is to have a private parking lot. The three-story, 4,100 square foot house was built in 1895 and was purchased by HOS in 1997. It took an army of volunteers to transform the former fraternity house into a home that met current safety standards and would be a welcoming place for older women. It has been 24 years since the first renovation of this home, and it shows. We would describe the house as “tired;” everything works and it is a safe, clean home. The issue is that it is in desperate need of updating from the kitchen to the bathrooms to refinishing the wood floors. Thanks to several grant awards since 1997, we have been able to replace the roof and make major plumbing repairs. The home does not have central air; this addition to the home would be greatly appreciated by our residents. We do not have the financial resources nor the expertise to take on this project right now. If a company such as yours would be interested in this project, it is something that would be incredibly rewarding and could be scheduled during a stretch of time that best suits the volunteers (sometime during the next 2-3 years). The project does not need to be done all at once; perhaps there is a group who has experience with bathroom renovations or refinishing wood floors. Maybe there are folks who love to paint. We can work together!





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