Youth Empowerment for Advancement Hangout (YEAH Inc.)

Organizational mission statement (50 words or less): 

YEAH works to create safe and authentic hangout spaces by providing culturally relevant engagement and implementing teen led interventions to address root causes of violence. Utilizing teen action, YEAH works to interrupt the cycle of youth community violence through peer led mediation and conflict resolution, community engagement, and economic opportunities.

Brief description of organization (include key programs and recent achievements, 100 words or less):

YEAH’s key program components include peer mediation and conflict resolution, a teen led food bank, community and civic engagement, teen hangout psycho-educational groups, case management, and our youth advisory board. Recent achievements during the pandemic include, training, hiring, and retaining 35 teens related to conflict resolution and peer mediation, serving 16 neighborhoods to distribute over 160,000 lbs of fresh food and 80,000 lbs of pet food; conducting 26 teen group check ins (virtual and in person) around stress, needs, trainings, and emotional support, and conducting 6 virtual sessions around supporting youth in the aftermath of shootings.


Population served (25 words or less):

YEAH focuses primarily on teens ages 13 to 19 in West and Southwest Philadelphia who have witnessed or engaged in violence.


Geographic area(s) served: 

West and Southwest Philadelphia

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Please outline existing volunteer opportunities or programs & initiatives that harness human capital including any current virtual volunteer events:


Our existing volunteer opportunities include participating in our teen led community food and pet food distributions, participating in virtual hangout sessions/discussions with teens, and virtual tutoring lessons for teens.


Please outline proposed or potential future volunteer opportunities or programs & initiatives that harness human capital including any planned virtual volunteer events:  

Potential future volunteer opportunities include becoming a mentor to a teen through our community mentorship program component.




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